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International Charitable Foundation "Glory to Ukraine" is based in in Cleveland, USA. "Glory to Ukraine" - independent, non-governmental, non-profit, non-political charitable organization.

Our purpose is to glorify to Ukraine. “Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails”. Our vision is to glorify to Ukraine by transforming lives and building healthy relationship, locally and globally.

We work well and hard, a strategic partnership can be just what we need to speed up the growth of our mission. We are a non-profit, don't have any political sponsors, and never will. We are the only dedicated charity helping people of all ages in the publishing, arts sectors, as well as the allied trades.


President & Founder — Halyna Kavka - Shudan

As Founder and President of International Charitable Foundation "Glory to Ukraine", Halyna Kavka - Shudan is one of the a larger Ukrainian community in Cleveland. Her efforts to date have helped orphan, single parent families, ukraine war heroes.

Halyna Kavka - Shudan was born in Lviv Lviv Oblast in the early 1941s. She was a orphan child. Halyna’s Life as Hope. She has loving Aunt Julia, brother and sister. They were a rather poor family.

After graduating Medical Special School in Lviv, Galyna was able to combine her education in medical techniques and Children's Charities. She got married, had a family... Two kids Yaroslav and Volodymyr. The husband of Galyna, died, so she was left alone with her two sons. In 1989 she left Ukraine to settle in the Americas.

She find ways to engage with the Ukrainian community of Cleveland, including take part in Greek Catholic Church.

Halyna’s credo: God’s glory is the source. The wellspring from which all smaller glories run.

So we arrived at this idea of creating a foundation in her name.



Publishing activity

The progress of publishing activity in Ukraine is an important indicator of cultural life and the enjoyment of the advances of science and culture by citizens. The need for historical substantiation of nation-building is an axiom and needs no proof. Collective memory matters politically: it provides a nation with an identity and common myth of origin, legitimizing power by creating a desired image of the past. That matrix provided the groundwork for Ukrainian history as the basis for building “a single Ukrainian nation.”


Literature is the mirror of society. Ukrainian literature is being made today by Halyna Kavka with her historical trilogy "The Face of Ukrainian History", for example. Literature is not something to put your mind into, literature is something only a heart can understand. Literature broadens the horizon. Literature - one of the greatest creatures of culture. Literature helps us discover the world of spirituality



We do whatever it takes — every day and in times of crisis — to give and helping orphaned children, single parent families, ukraine war heroes a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm, transforming lives and futures.

We know - Patriotism is a feeling of pride and love for our country Ukraine.

You can rest assured that your donation will be put to good use and benefit those who need it most. This will be our blessing.



Creativity contributes to building open, inclusive and pluralistic societies. Cultural heritage can provide an automatic sense of unity and belonging within a human and allows us to better understand previous generations and the history of where we come from.

The Idea Foundation is an ongoing platform for promoting curated contemporary works of art and visual culture. The Idea Foundation is dedicated to showcasing a unique and broad range of work by artists producing and creating - a gathering of ideas, objects and inspirations.

At present difficult times, the notion of Independence and unity of Ukraine has acquired a special meaning for everyone. It is an honor to be Ukrainian. The spirit of patriotism unities people of different nationalities. Our courageous, strong and rich in spirit nation can stand all these challenges – we shall overcome!

All of ours days We want to praise.

We will help all Ukrainians who need it! Cause it all starts with the power of a human touch!


Make a donation.

Tell the Russia government to stop the sale of arms to Ukraine.

Yours sincerely, dear Ukrainians.

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